Anyone Can Develop Healing Skills

Some people believe you must be born with a healing gift. The truth is, with
the right guidance, anyone can develop healing skills.

Whether you’re new to healing, want more powerful and easier techniques or
you’re on a committed spiritual journey, Blueprint Healing has a useful,
easily understandable and achievable platform to support you every step of
the way.

This is not just another energy healing course. It’s a complete and
comprehensive system of essential knowledge and techniques based on
practical experience, to get you the results you need.

Dr Joanne Messenger’s Blueprint Healing is a gentle, non-intrusive and
proven method of working with the Master Diamond Blueprints-the sacred
geometric plans that house the maps for the physical structure and alignment
of your body, emotional traits, belief systems , karmic contracts and life
purpose-affecting your health, wealth, work and relationships-to help people
like you get well, stay well and align with the highest vision of

Blueprint Healing is a progressive fusion of east and west including Chiron
Healing, modern chiropractic, Pranic Healing, Pleiadean Light Work, NLP,
Essential Oils, vibrational essences, nutrition, herbs and supplements,
colour and sound healing.

It is ideal for all ages whether new-born or 100 years old, especially
anyone who isn’t responding to more traditional treatments,

In Level 1 you’ll be guided through everything you need to get started using
Healing right away. It’s a practical, effective and hands on approach
establishing a solid foundation for you whether you be a parent, carer,
healer, teacher or just want to help yourself .

In levels 2 and 3 you’ll expand into sweeping out triggers and sabotage from
challenging events and past lives; etheric surgery; ‘pre and
post-ganglionic’ nerve system reflexes; re-weave all 3 levels of the feeling
centre; reset the Lines of Responsibility PLUS master absent healings.

After this 2 day course with Dr Jo you’ll have the knowledge, power and
skills to help people get well, stay well and align with the highest vision
for themselves-with Blueprint Healing